Mix Spotify Premium Playlists with Podcasts

Who Would Benefit:

  1. Those tired of hearing music and news programs someone else chooses

  2. Those wanting a commercial-free radio experience with a mix of music, news & entertainment

  3. Anyone who commutes, travels, works out, or just wants to relax and listen to the radio


  1. -Mix your favorite music and podcasts everywhere you go. Mix On automatically integrates your Spotify Premium playlists (or your private music collection) with podcasts without commercials

  2. -Keep up with the newest music from the charts. Listen to featured playlists from Spotify or preview the top 25 songs from any genre in the iTunes Store

  3. Purchase songs you like directly from the store.

  4. -Don’t care about music. Then create as many mixes of podcasts as you want. Over 150 podcasts to choose from.

  5. -You get complete flexibility to choose the content of your Mixes

  6. Choose from over 150 podcasts to mix with your music

  7. Choose any music from your Spotify collection (Spotify Premium users only)

  8. Choose any music from your private iTunes Library

  9. Choose how often to mix podcasts with music - your in control of your homemade radio station

  10. Create an unlimited number of mixes (limit 2 for Mix On Lite)

  11. -Song dedication creation and reception for Facebook® users.

  12. Whether its romantic or a personal joke, you’ll have fun with this feature.

  13. MixOnMyRadio Lite: you will be charged a 99 cent fee to create a song dedication, but compared to sending a greeting card, its a bargain!

  14. -Song dedication notifier allows you to review past dedications (up to 2 weeks)

  15. -Partial and full screen album and media artwork during playback

  16. -“Now playing”, “Coming Up”, and media progress bar to keep you visually informed of media activity.


  1. -iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 8 or later

  2. -Internet or Cellular connection to mix in media sources.

  3. -Media is streamed using WiFi or Cellular while you listen. Additional data download charges may apply depending on your service plan.

  4. -Works best in locations with a good signal (i.e. the more bars, the better the success for streaming media).

"...it’s the audio player that should come with the iPhone. But it doesn’t stop there. Mix On My Radio also allows you to select from a variety of news and special interest podcasts and automatically mixes them into your listening program..." - iPhoneAppReview.com

Mix On is for music lovers that want to stay current with world around them.

Produce a radio-like experience based on:

  1. Your choice of music from Spotify or your iTunes library, 

  2. Your choice of free podcast media sources, and

  3. Your choice of when to mix podcasts with music.

Mix your playlists, albums, and artists with your favorite news, health, food, science, technology, music, arts, sports, comedy, and DJ entertainment localized to your country.

Create and receive song dedications with Facebook® friends:

  1. Pick a song, record an audio message, and send it to a friend. Within 30 minutes, they will receive the audio message and hear the song.

Mix On Lite has the same great features as the full version of Mix On, but has ads, limited access to podcasts, and a song dedication fee.

Full Version: Only $1.99 or equivalent in your country

Lite Version: